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      Computer expert and information system.

      Systems management information and its components represent my areas of expertise.

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      Experience and expertise.

      My personal and professional experiences have founded my expertise that nancy evolving, with the objective to bring my business all my knowledge in line with its strategic alignment.

      About me

      Open for your projects.

      I am active in associations and is available for your projects. For this you can contact me via the online form, taking care to encrypt your message if you believe that the data contained in the message are critical.



      About me

      Hello, my name is Julien WOS, My expertise is in computer and information systems, I hold a Master. Currently I manage the development and the security of the information system of an industrial business.

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      Projects and experience

      I’ve carried out projects in different computing areas, in companies and for personal matters. My professional experiences are detailed in my CV, available here-after.

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      Contact Me

      You can contact me, using the contact form available on the link here after. I recommend you to encrypt your message, using my the link below. I recommend you to encrypt your message with public key, if you feel there are sensitive datas.

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